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About the SimpleMed Medication Manager

The Independence Of Home

For my Mom, independence means taking 7 pills, 4 times a day.

The SimpleMed makes both our lives so much easier with organizing and reminding for Mom, and SimpleMed also communicates with me if anything changes with her medication routine.

“Now that’s peace of mind!”

SimpleMed organizes, reminds, dispenses and tracks all scheduled medication dispenses. SimpleMed empowers seniors, patients and their caregivers with the ability to stay at home and as independent as possible while offering peace of mind for the caregiver. Smart Care, the Simple Way.

SimpleMed is easy to operate. The SimpleMed unit is connected to your phone line – if anything changes, you can know with your choice of messages, text messages, e-mails or with our call center operators who are always there as well. You can views online history reports and print for use, if needed, with the medical professionals.

How Does SimpleMed® Service work? Simply ….

  • Connect the SimpleMed to the power and phone line. Send us your medication schedule on the attached form, together with your caregiver details, and you are connected.
  • Easy Filling/Refill The caregiver refills the SimpleMed® device with medications once a week.
  • Dispenses the scheduled medication time arrives, a blinking LED will be powered on indicating the assigned compartment
  • Alerts and Reports Any missed dispense or other non-scheduled activity is reported immediately via text, e-mail or call center alert. All events are logged and may be securely accessed by authorized caregivers and/or clinicians
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