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Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home by taking basic security precautions, seniors can protect themselves in their homes.

  • Never open the door to your home during the day, or the evening if you don’t know the person at your door. Install and use a peephole.
  • Don’t leave your house unlocked or garage doors open during the day while doing outside projects.
  • Get to know your neighbors and keep their phone numbers in case of an emergency.

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Preventing Falls at Home

Preventing Falls at Home is the most recent series of educational pamphlets designed by Personal Alert Link (PAL) to assist your patients with making their home safer.

The following are a few of the hazards the pamphlet addresses.

  • Floors
    Q: Do you have throw rugs?
    A: Remove the rugs or use double sided tape or
    a non-slip backing so the rug won’t slip.
  • Bedrooms
    Q: Is the light near the bed hard to reach?
    A: Place a lamp close to the bed where it
    is easy to reach.
  • Kitchen
    Q: Are things you use often on high shelves?
    A: Keep things you use often on lower shelves.
  • Stairs & Steps
     Q: Are there papers, shoes, books or other
    objects on the stairs?
    A: Always keep objects off of the stairs.
  • Bathrooms
     Q: Is the tub or shower floor slippery?
    A: Place a non-slip rubber mat or self-stick
    strips on the floor of the tub or shower.

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The Personal Alert Link (PAL) Medical Alarm

The PAL Medical Alarm helps mom maintain her independence while giving me the peace of mind knowing help is available at the push of a button!

People always tell us once they have experienced the safety and independence of the PAL Medical Alarm they can’t imagine life without it.

The fact is that the PAL Medical Alarm service will change life for the better. Before you talk with your loved one about The PAL, we suggest you become familiar with facts that can help to convince them to welcome a PAL system into their home.

The PAL is recommended by doctors, nurses and other professional caregivers. Professionals know that even a minor fall can have serious physical and psychological consequences if your loved one can’t get help in a hurry.

The PAL is much more than a medical alarm. Our friendly professional operators respond to all types of requests and have been trained to call emergency services including EMS, police or the fire department. If your loved one becomes scared or disoriented, our compassionate operators will call neighbors and/or relatives to check on them. If needed the operator will stay on the telephone until a familiar face arrives.

  • The PAL comforts caregivers knowing that help is a button press away. Tell your loved one that the PAL helps everyone who cares for them feel better knowing help is available with the press of a button.

  • PAL helps your loved one remain in your own home. The alternative to getting the PAL is often assisted living, a nursing home, or 24-hour care.

  • The PAL is a good idea even if your loved one doesn’t live alone. Accidents are unpredictable. They might need help when someone they live with is temporarily out of the house.

  • The PAL is non-intrusive. The PAL help button is very small, simple to use and won’t interfere with day-to-day activities.

  • The PAL is so little to pay for security and peace of mind. The cost is far less than paying an occasional home aide or companion service. The PAL operators are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SimpleMed Medical Alarm with Medication Organizer

SimpleMed Medical Alarm combines our reliable Medical Alarm service with a state of the art Medication Management System.

SimpleMed organizes, reminds, dispenses and tracks all scheduled medication dispenses. SimpleMed empowers seniors, patients and their caregivers with the ability to stay at home and as independent as possible while offering peace of mind for the caregiver. Smart Care, the Simple Way.

SimpleMed is easy to operate and can be connected to your standard home telephone line.

**NEW** The PAL Mini Cellular Medical Alarm

No Landline? No Problem!

The PAL Mini is a cell-based medical alarm that allows users without traditional land line phone service the ability to have an emergency response unit in their home. Much like a cell phone, the PAL Mini uses a GSM chip to send an emergency signal to our Care Center and allows for two-way voice communication over the pendant transmitter to the emergency care center. The care center specialists can dispatch local EMS, Fire or Police and relay critical medical information to first responders.

 The PAL Mini Unit Features:

  • Two-way voice communication with powerful microphone and speaker to ensure call quality
  • The PAL Mini weighs less than 2 oz. and is water-resistant and durable
  •  Nationwide cellular coverage, provided by T-Mobile and various roaming partners.
  • One low monthly fee includes:

                   Data charges

                   24/7 emergency care center access

                   Two-way voice communication through unit

  • The PAL Mobile can easily be carried in pocket or purse or worn using included lanyard and attachment clips
  • No landline phone connection or base station required
  • Battery Lasts up to 2 months per charge


The PAL Mini cellular PERS does not require a contract: only $34 a month plus a one-time activation fee. No Installation Required!

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