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**NEW** The PAL Mobile Medical Alert System

The PAL Mobile enables seniors and special needs individuals to live independently and call for help anytime, anywhere. An emergency SOS button quickly connects the user with the emergency care center, where specialists can track the user, dispatch local EMS, Fire or Police and relay critical medical information to first responders.

The PAL Mobile works anywhere in the US with cellular coverage and utilizes GPS and other technologies to track quickly and accurately.

One button connects The PAL Mobile to emergency care center

  • Button sends location data to emergency care center and initiates two-way voice communication between user and emergency care specialist
  • Emergency care center tracks The PAL Mobile on a map continuously and can send EMS or loved ones to user
  • Emergency care center can contact user directly if needed

Mobile tracking tools give caregivers flexibility and peace of mind

  • Caregivers can track The PAL Mobile on-demand using the web or their smart phone or cell phone
  • Real-time location updates, location history and turn-by-turn directions are available anytime
  • Low-battery and power-off alerts are sent via email or text message to caregivers

The PAL Mobile Unit Features:

  • Two-way voice communication with powerful microphone and speaker to ensure call quality
  • The PAL Mobile weighs less than 2 oz. and is water-resistant and durable
  • Nationwide cellular coverage, provided by T-Mobile and various roaming partners, and GPS technology provide comfort and help for The PAL Mobile customers anywhere they go
  • One low monthly fee includes:
    • Data charges
    • 24/7 emergency care center access
    • Two-way voice communication through unit
    • The PAL Mobile can easily be carried in pocket or purse or worn using included lanyard and attachment clips
    • No landline phone connection or base station required

Battery Life

  • Lasts up to a week per charge


  • Wireless inductive charging pad makes charging simple and eliminates tripping hazards
  • Included accessories:
    • Lanyard and attachment clips to secure unit and ensure easy access in an emergency
    • AC wall charger
    • Protective pouch

Location Technologies and Features

  • Uses Assisted GPS (A-GPS) to enhance the performance of a basic GPS’s location time and accuracy. Compared with regular GPS systems, A-GPS provides much faster positioning even when GPS signal conditions are weak.
  • Cellular network technologies identify The PAL Mobile vicinity when satellites are not in view
  • On-demand locating and tracking available through the website or with mobile phones 24/7
  • Location history available
  • Turn-by-turn directions to The PAL Mobile unit can be viewed on the web or with a smart phone

Emergency Care Center

  • Views location of The PAL Mobile on a map when the button is pressed by the user
  • Has access to medical information and contact information entered into the system by The PAL Mobile user or caregiver
  • Can send EMS and/or loved ones to The PAL Mobile location depending on what is needed

How to Tell When a Senior Needs Care and Assistance

How to Tell When a Senior Needs Care and Assistance

Sometimes it’s easy to know when a senior family member needs care and assistance.  For instance, maybe he or she has a major disability or requires additional help following a hospital stay. In other cases, however, it isn’t immediately obvious that a senior is in need of care.

Families need guidance, and should follow a careful assessment of their senior’s needs in making a decision about whether to provide extra care and assistance.

Below is a list of questions to consider when determining if a loved one is in need of additional care or assistance:

  • Pay Attention to How They Look– Looking at the senior’s appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing otherwise normal daily tasks.
    • Are they wearing dirty or stained clothing?
    • Have they brushed their teeth?
    • Is their hair combed?
    • Do they seem unsteady or have had minor falls?
    • Do they appear to have lost weight?
  • Listen to the Senior– Listening to what and how seniors speak can tell a lot about their current mental status. Don’t assume that “old age” is causing these problems; doing so can sometimes lead to further deterioration in their mental state.
    • Are they up on current events? 
    • Do they talk about future plans or goals?
    • Have they forgotten to refill prescriptions or take their medicine?
    • Have they missed doctor’s appointments?
  • View the Senior’s Surroundings– Looking at their food and sorting through their medications can help family members determine if seniors are eating healthy or even worse, taking expired medicine.
    • Is there an unusual amount of garbage, clutter, dust, or dirt?
    • Do they have fresh and stocked pantry items?
    • Are there piles of unopened bills?
    • Has their housekeeping declined, i.e. dirty floors, windows or bathtubs
  • Using the Nose– Using the nose as an indicator can help family members determine if their loved one is bathing properly, participating in otherwise normal activities or whether or not they are eating regularly.
    • Does their living environment possess any unpleasant odors? 
    • Does the refrigerator or cupboard smell? 
    • Are they bathing regularly?
    • Do they have expired or rotten food in the refrigerator?

If sensing a problem based on the above indicators, family members should waste no time in taking the appropriate next steps. As difficult as the process might be, family members should remember that by being proactive they will not only provide safety for their loved one, but will also keep them happy and healthy for years to come.


Associated Home Services, Inc., through teamwork, vision and experience will become a leader in providing quality medical alarms and medication management solutions.  Our commitment to our customers will allow them a resource that is dedicated to quality, reliability and first class monitoring services and products.  Our people will be active participants with unwavering dedication towards the elderly and disabled in our society.


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