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As a health care professional we understand you have limited time to spend on specialty programs such as emergency response.

That’s why our basic referral program requires no contribution by your agency and is simply a quality patient resource for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). 

Associated Home Services is responsible for all aspects of the emergency response service including coordination of delivery and activation of the PERS equipment.

 Basic Referral Program

Provider Preferred Program 

The Provider Preferred Program can be effective in two ways: 

1) Perfect for agency’s that are interested in a quality emergency response program that generates monthly revenue.

2) A marketing tool to generate revenue from other services your agency provides.

* Beneficial to your patients

* Profitable to your agency

* Easy to implement

* Professionally designed marketing literature.

* Nationally recognized 24 hr. monitoring services by a UL listed, Texas based monitoring center.

* Inventory of quality, 2 way voice Personal Emergency Response equipment.

* Daily and monthly activity reports provided for your patients.

* All necessary documentation including monitoring agreements and operating instructions.

* Operator initiated monthly test calls.

* 24 hr. customer support.

How to refer your patients:

* Email at 

* Our website at    Click on caregivers and then referrals.

 * You may also contact us at 1-866-633-2576.

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