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For Families

Caring concern for your loved one

You care about your loved ones – your parents, grandparents or extended family – but they live in another town, or you just can’t be with them all the time.

You know Mom and Dad want to stay in their home, but it’s so big. What if they fall? What would they do if they couldn’t reach the phone?

Are they taking their medications on time every day? Did Dad sound a little “out of it” last time you talked to him?

At The PAL, we understand. Your parents want to stay at home, but you worry – and you have good reason. As all of us get older, we’re less agile, can stumble more easily and become more forgetful.

The PAL allows your loved ones to stay independent and live life on their own terms, but it gives the whole family peace of mind. With The PAL, you know that no matter the emergency – or even if we’re not sure it’s an emergency – Grandpa can reach his button and get in touch with us. Any time, day or night.

You may not be able to convince Aunt Myrna to move into a senior center, but you might be able to talk her into wearing a small button, just so she knows she can always reach someone for help.

Read through this information, and encourage your loved one to take our quiz, “Am I ready for The PAL?”

Together, you can decide whether peace of mind is worth less than a dollar a day.

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