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We know your advice really matters to seniors and that’s why we provide a variety of educational materials to assist you. These materials show seniors how important it is to be prepared and make their home a safer place to live.

A solution for you and your patients

As a Caregiver, you have a lot on your mind. The PAL system allows you peace of mind, knowing that your clients can be on their own but they can reach you at any moment. The PAL can free you up from making constant “rounds” and allows you to do other important tasks to best serve your clients.

Your clients and patients turn to you for advice and guidance, and we make it easy to recommend The PAL or use in your own facility.

The PAL Basic Referral Program

Have an agency that has limited time to spend on specialty programs? If you don’t want to directly sell or service The PAL, this is the plan for you:

  • We’ll send you informative brochures to help your clients understand the value of The PAL
  • You may help your clients fill out and submitting the Monitoring Service forms or you can have them contact us for help
  • We will install the The PAL system and provide 24/7 monitoring service
  • We will bill the client directly each month.

You’ll get peace of mind, knowing your clients are just one motion away from quick, reliable help.

The PAL Preferred Provider Program

Provide a great service for your clients while creating a revenue stream for your agency or organization.

  • We’ll send you informative brochures to help your clients understand the value of The PAL
  • We offer you a generous reseller discount
  • You work with the client to complete the Monitoring Service form
  • We can drop ship The PAL system directly to your client or send it to you
  • You handle equipment installation and show the client how to use the system
  • You bill the client monthly for services
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring service

For more information on how to make the PAL work for you, please fill out the form located on this page:

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