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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with SimpleMed

What is SimpleMed™ Personal Medication System?

SimpleMed Personal Medication System is a simple, easy-to-use device that organizes, reminds, dispenses and monitors daily medications helping individuals stay independent and at home.

How many days of medications will SimpleMed hold?

The Pill Organizer can hold up to 7 days of medication with up to 4 dosages a day, with each compartment containing a scheduled dose.

Is SimpleMed easy to use?

Absolutely. Simple 4X7 matrix design , multiple audible, visual and text reminders, and easy-to-open medication dispensing compartments that illuminate make SimpleMed easy to use and operate.

How do I start with SimpleMed unit?

The unit comes with an easy to use step by step user manual and it is very easy to follow

Do I need internet at home in order to activate SimpleMed unit?

No, only electricity and a telephone line

Will SimpleMed continuously tie up a phone line?

NO. SimpleMed utilizes the individual’s existing phone line to make outbound calls. SimpleMed only calls out on the phone line when action is needed (i.e. SimpleMed needs to be refilled). A separate or special phone line is NOT needed. If needed, SimpleMed can operate behind a PBX system.

What if the power goes out?

SimpleMed comes with a battery backup that will provide alternative power for 12 to 18 hours

How do I program SimpleMed to match my medication schedule?

The unit is setup and programmed by connecting to the call center and faxing in the medication schedule sheet to the authorized Support Center

How is SimpleMed initially setup? Refilled?

Initial setup is getting the medication schedule filled out and connecting with the support center. Refilling is simply done by pressing the refill button for 3 sec until you hear a beep then it is safe to open the compartments, loading the medications and pressing OK to approve Refill was successfully completed.

How Does SimpleMed Work?

How Do The Pill Organizer Reminders Work?

  1. Each compartment will be illuminated an hour prior to its scheduled time. Once illuminated, the compartment may be opened, and the pills taken.
  2. If the medication hasn’t been taken during this hour; the alarm will go off at the scheduled time, and the compartment will stay illuminated.
  3. Once the medication has been removed and the lid closed back, the alarm will stop, the compartment light will turn off, and the screen will return to time display mode.
  4. If the compartment has not been opened, and consequently, the medication has not been taken, that compartment will stay illuminated and the alarm will continue to sound in intervals, for an additional hour.
  5. If after thirty minutes the medication has not been removed from the compartment, the Pill Organizer will automatically notify the Call Center, that you have not taken your medication. One of the Call Center representatives will phone you, or your caregiver, in order to remind you or find out the reason that the medication was not taken.*

* Applicable only to users subscribed to this service

What happens if I open the wrong compartment?

In the case of opening a compartment by mistake, an alarm will sound. The alarm will be turned off when closing the lid back. If the compartment lid is opened up to 1 second, the alarm will sound. If kept open for more than one second, the alarm will sound, and an alert will be sent automatically to the Call Center indicating that a wrong compartment has been opened.

What happens if I forget to take my medications?

If medications are not dispensed at the proper time, SimpleMed will, if you choose, call caregivers and alert them a dose was not dispensed

What happens if my prescriptions changes before the next scheduled refill?

There is no problem you can simply refill the unit as many time as necessary.

What if I would like to leave my residence during dosing periods?

The flexibility of SimpleMed allows individuals to dispense their medication “early” and not miss a dose.

What if I would like to visit relatives or go for an extended vacation?

You can take SimpleMed with you and just plug it in to electricity and telephone socket where ever you are.

What about PRN medications?

Each compartment is separately programmable so you may ask to omit reminders on certain compartments like sleeping pills etc.

Who should use SimpleMed?

SimpleMed is designed to fill the “gap” between little or no medication assistance and full time medication management. SimpleMed is ideal for individuals that have known, or suspected, medication compliance issues such as forgetfulness, or taking too much, too little, the wrong or wrong day’s medications.

How will SimpleMed help individuals and their caregivers?

For individuals – a simple way to remember to take the right medication at the right time. For family members and caregivers, SimpleMed delivers peace of mind. The reminder, medication security and monitoring features assure caregivers their loved ones are reminded daily to take their medication safely and securely.

Who installs and maintains SimpleMed?

SimpleMed is designed to be easy to install and maintain. If the individual is currently receiving help with their medications, Vaica recommends that the current caregiver (be it the agency nurse or a family member) installs and maintains SimpleMed. Once installed, some individuals may be able to manage and maintain the unit.

How does the monitoring and reporting work?

According to the service selected:

  • Telephone calls
  • Automatic calls with pre programmed messages
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Monthly Reports
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