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How it Works

  1. You simply wear the small The PAL receiver at all times. It’s completely waterproof, safe and can be kept out of sight. You may choose to wear it around your neck or on your wrist
  2. Whenever you need help, just press the button on The PAL
  3. You are instantly connected to one of our Emergency Call Centers where you’ll have full two-way voice communication with a trained, caring Call Center Caregiver who has instant access to all your information, in English or Spanish. Right away, we’ll get you the help you need, whether you need an ambulance or just a call to your neighbor for help.
  4. Even if you’re unable to speak, we’ll send help right away. You never have to worry.
  5. After the call, we’ll follow up with you, your neighbor or emergency services to ensure you received the help you need.
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