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How Medication Management Works

 How Does SimpleMed® Service work? Simply ….

Connect the SimpleMed to the power and phone line. Send us your medication schedule on the attached form, together with your caregiver details, and you are connected.

Easy Filling/Refill The caregiver refills the SimpleMed® device with medications once a week.

Dispenses the scheduled medication time arrives, a blinking LED will be powered on indicating the assigned compartment

Alerts and Reports Any missed dispense or other non-scheduled activity is reported immediately via text, e-mail or call center alert. All events are logged and may be securely accessed by authorized caregivers and/or clinicians.

How it helps caregivers

As a caregiver, you have a lot on your mind. Our Medication Management system allows you to focus on your loved one or patient and take medications off your mind. The alarms will notify you and provide the exact doses you need, so you never need to remember. Set it up once and you don’t have to remember it every day!

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