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SimpleMed FAQ

What is the SimpleMed Personal Medication System?
The SimpleMed Personal Medication System is an easy-to-use medication management system for individuals who have trouble remembering, organizing, and taking their medications. This fully integrated system simplifies medication organization and delivery, reminds individuals to dispense and take their medications on schedule, and monitors compliance. SimpleMed is a home-based system that will help dispense any solid oral medication plus give verbal and text reminders for non-oral medications or specific medication directions (i.e., “take with food”).

How does SimpleMed work? 
At programmed intervals, SimpleMed will alarm that it is time to take a medication dose. This announcement consists of multiple features: audible tone, a flashing light, text and/or email message. To dispense the medication dose, the individual simply opens the flashing compartment containing the medications. Instructions, such as “Take with water” can be displayed.

Who should use SimpleMed? 
SimpleMed is designed for people who are caught in the “gap” between needing little or no medication assistance and full-time medication management. SimpleMed works well for individuals who have trouble with forgetfulness, or who are likely to take too much or too little medication, or the wrong medication. It is ideal for people who suffer from mild to moderate dementia (Alzheimer’s, psychiatric conditions) or dexterity issues (tremors, severe arthritis), as well as patients with complicated medication schedules, such as those with congestive heart failure.

Is the SimpleMed easy to use? 
SimpleMed is remarkably easy to use. Its intelligent design, multiple reminders (audible, visual, and text), and easy-to-open medicine compartments make the SimpleMed easy to use and operate for any individual capable of self-medicating.

How does the monitoring service work? 
Using the individual’s phone line, SimpleMed will automatically text and/or email up to four caregivers in sequence, alerting them that the user has missed a dose. SimpleMed does NOT need a special or separate phone line for this monitoring service, and ONLY utilizes the phone line when an alert or other action is needed.

SimpleMed will also notify caregivers if medications run low and need to be refilled. In addition, SimpleMed will call the Support Center each night via a toll-free number and perform a series of quality checks. If an SimpleMed system does not perform the nightly call-in, the Support Center is alerted.

Who installs and maintains SimpleMed? 
SimpleMed is designed to be easy to install and maintain. If the user is currently receiving help with daily medications, we recommend that the current caregiver install and maintain SimpleMed. (Once installed, some individuals may be able to manage and maintain their units on their own.)

What if the user is away from home during dosing periods? 
The flexibility of the SimpleMed allows users to dispense their medications “early” so doses can be taken along. The EARLY DOSE feature can be utilized for as many dosing periods as needed.

Will SimpleMed continuously tie up a phone line? 
No. the SimpleMed utilizes the individual’s existing phone line only to make outbound calls for actions such as alert or refilling reminders. A separate or special phone line is NOT needed.

How many days of medications will SimpleMed hold? 
That depends on how many dosing periods per day the user needs. SimpleMed can dispense up to 4 dosing periods per day. Most people take their medications 2 to 3 times per day.

What if the power goes out? 
SimpleMed comes with a battery backup that will provide alternative power for 12 to 18 hours.

Does SimpleMed have special features to help the elderly and disabled? 
Yes. To help the visually impaired, reminders are both audible (tones) and visual (a flashing strobe light). For the hearing impaired, reminders include visual alerts and text messages. Audible volumes can be easily adjusted.

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