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SimpleMed®: Smart and Simple Medication Management Innovation.

An advanced weekly medication organizer designed for home use with call center connectivity.

Take medications when you need to.Get reminded when you don’t.Call help at the click of a button and know you’re taking good care of your senior. Associated Home Services medication dispensing devices do just that to free seniors and their remote caregivers from worrying about medications.Our medication dispensing service, connecting the device to a call center, reminds you to take medications when you need to.
It also lets caregivers know whether you’re following doctor’s orders.Call center staff will also call you in case you’ve missed medication or skipped it.

The SimpleMed is a remote-programmable medication management and dispenser with remote monitoring connectivity through the web or a call center.
By tracking the action of opening the medication lids, SimpleMed alerts, reminds, tracks and reports on medication use.

SimpleMed is simple and easy to use:

  • 28 Compartments – semi-transparent pill compartments with light indicators, for 7 day use, up to 4 dosages per day.
  • Audible and visual reminders – adjustable audible and visual alarms.
  • LCD – large LCD screen with optional display languages.
  • SimpleMed screen messages – pre-programmed text messages such as “Take meds with food”.
  • Error alerts – visual and audible alerts when opening a wrong compartment.
  • Patients compliance log and easy to understand graphical reports.
  • Early dose – An option to take medicine doses ahead of time.
  • Available in English, French, Portuguese ,Spanish and Hebrew.

SimpleMed® – PERS

Integrating Personal Emergency Reponses System (PERS) within SimpleMed
we created the best solution available, providing both passive alarm up to four times a day with the most updated PERS technology and SimpleMed medication dispenser.
SimpleMed PERS not only provides the two essential services of medication reminder and personal emergency response system the senior population, but also combines them to small foot print, user friendly and energy saving device.

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