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SimpleMed Reporting Capabilities

Track dispensing via the Internet!

One of the most useful features of SimpleMed is the ability to track an individual’s dispensing activity on the Internet.

The SimpleMed also has robust reporting capabilities which include:

  • On-Line Reports: At, user’s most recent dispensing activity and summary statistics can be viewed. Secure customer summary reports can also be accessed.
  • Organizational Summary Reports: SimpleMed can run reports at all levels of an organization ranging from corporate-wide to the individual user.
  • Support Center Alerts: The Support Center can customize and automate alerts that it receives (refill reports, missed doses, etc.) These reports can be sent via, e-mail, fax or text message to appropriate personnel.

Online Reports

Available at these reports allow tracking of the most recent dispensing activity plus a summary of activity since activation.

Detailed Dispensing History

You can also see a complete summary of the user’s activity from the date SimpleMed was registered. This summary also lists all the user and caregiver information plus the dispensing schedule and messages.


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