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What Customers Say About SimpleMed

What Caregivers say…

The machine was very simple for her to learn how to use, and it has been extremely reliable in dispensing her medications accurately. We have been able to reduce service costs by no longer needing providers there during medication times, and her self esteem has increased due to her feeling more independent and in control of taking her medications. The back-up of knowing someone will be called if a dose is missed, has been very reassuring to all involved in her life.

What Users say…

“I know it’s great and I feel it’s helped me manage my illness. People don’t have to check on me all the time. I can be in control. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

“I think it’s been a wonderful thing for me because I don’t forget anymore. I used to even forget my insulin sometimes and now with the reminders, I don’t.”

Independent living elderly client with numerous trips to the ER for serious problems associated with medication mismanagement.

“ After these incidents, they (the family) were sold on the idea and were able to have the SimpleMed in place for her. She is doing very well with this machine and we have had no further medical emergencies.”

“He could not remember to take the medication”  “It was a real lucky thing we found out about this”. Instead of living under 24-hour nursing care.

“It keeps me on schedule with my insulin and other medications. My family is very happy I’m using the machine.”

“I filled it just perfectly! This is a wonderful idea – it certainly helps you not to forget, especially at night. I’m sure I’m doing a much better job now with my medications. It also saves my hands from opening those bottles all the time.”

“It’s been a really good thing for me. Even when I’m home I’d forget to take my morning medications so I am much better at taking my medications now. I really like the reminder message to drink extra water. It makes sure I take my medications even though I am busy and active. Early dose is great!”

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